New site - Mother Forever


Good day to all in the Mother/EarthBound community!

A new site has recently cropped up, dedicated to Mother-related news! A lot of hard work went into it and it's run by a loving community who all share the same love for our beloved series.

It's called Mother Forever!

Feel free to give the site and its community a visit, they would love to hear from you!

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2020: Year of the Rat


Come the new decade, as we celebrate the year 2020, we must recognize that it is now looped back around to the year of the rat, or should we say, the Rowdy Mouse! That's right, I bring to you Starmen's EarthBound-themed zodiac! It's based on the Chinese Zodiac where a different animal represents each year and this year happens to be year of the dog. If you want to see which EarthBound animal represents you, just take a look here!
I hope all of you wonderful rats have a joyous year!

So I dare ask, which animal are you?
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In the year 202X, all is devastation...


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'Tis the Season! Happy EB No Matsuri Eve!

Winter is upon us and finally, after a long exhausting year, so is the holiday we have all been waiting for...
Our dearly beloved and wonderful holiday is now! EB No Matsuri! Rejoice and prepare for the occasion!

Huh? What's that? You don't know what's going on? If you are perhaps new to the site or missed it in year's past, you can find the whole epic tale here!
Run to the store, prepare your tofu, leave a means for the Gift Man to enter your home, and prepare yourself! If you've been bad this year, kiss that pretty face of yours goodbye!

Post any fanworks about EB No Matsuri below!If you want to celebrate this beloved holiday and want to draw up a quick sketch of flesh-eating virii, write a brief story about a run-in with the Annual Gift Man, or really anything, feel free! We'll share them in future updates! While not everything has been updated, you can find other fanworks for the holiday here on the archive!

Like every year, celebrating this silly holiday with others in the community is my favorite job and that's no different this year! Let's have a fun night and kiss the end of the year goodbye this with timeless tradition. When the morning sun comes creeps into the sky tomorrow, let us know how your holiday went. Happy EB No Matsuri, everyone!
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New Badge Guide! 2019 Edition!

Site Info Hey, Starmen! Do you know what's been updated? It's the....

That's right, the Badge Guide is back, up-to-date, and chock-full of info! In addition, we also have a Avatar and Rank Guide you can view, too! Come on by, join the ranks of Patrick, and learn more about those silly images under all those usernames! If you'd like more information on that, please go ahead and check out the thread!
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Pogs Sighted!


Recently, a set of the elusive EarthBound pog set was spotted on eBay. As we're approaching 2020, this certainly is a throwback. These collectibles don't come up on auction site very often and apparently, many places list it among the top ten rarest pog series. This auction seems to include all the pogs, but is missing the original cardboard backing, but if this looks interesting to you, why not check out the auction? You can find it here. The auction is set to end on Saturday, so if you want to snag this, be sure to do it before then!

A big thank you to PSI Ribbit a for the head's up and info.

Would you guys be interested in seeing more auction and merch news coming from us? Be sure to let us know in the comments!
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Music Makes Me Lose Control

Fan Music

Good evening! Happy Black Friday! Find any good deals today? Let's relax after this holiday and chill with some delightful music made by fans for fans.

The archive password is: ness

Have anything to submit? Remixes, covers, sheet music, and inspired music is all acceptable! Just leave us a link to your piece and we'll feature it in the upcoming weeks! If you have any questions/concerns, just let us know; we won't bite!

Fan Music will update every other Friday, submissions depending. Submit your fan music today!
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Like Cotton Balls

Fanfiction Man oh man, it's cold out. Come, let's gather around the colorful fire this winter, relax, and our souls with some new fanfics.

The archive password is: ness

Why not join in and submit something of your own? If you'd like to submit a fanfic, please do so here or submit on the forums!
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New Content Found!

Earthbound 64 You may have seen news about this new video emerging from the long-since canceled game, EarthBound 64, not to long ago. What many of us did not realize is that there is still a group of fans working to unearth more information about the game that could have been. Even as recently as less than a week ago, new screenshots and magazine scans were found, giving fans a clearer picture of what the game was set up to be. With the help of this group, we've reworked most of the EarthBound 64 section of the site for the first time since 2005, removing incorrect info and adding an abundance of new content. Even new concept art!

Here are just some of the new screenshots that have been found. We see the inclusion of new familiar characters, abilities, and so much more!

Again, there's so much more to look at. We've added a bunch of new sections and content in the EB64 section, so be sure to have a look! There's still a group of people working hard to find this information and I'm sure they'd appreciate if you took a look. They have a Discord server to discuss and share all that is EarthBound 64 as well, so if you're interested, consider checking it out!

In addition, a BIG thank you to OkeijiDragon, Sebastian, DaEgg123, Sam the Salmon, Echoes, Andrew_Christoper_Horne, katie, and many more for their help and their contributions to uncovering new items and research!

If you have any magazines lying around that might contain EB64 content or have anything we don't, please let us know! Join the search! Also, be sure to let us know what you think of all this new content!
EARTHBOUND 64 | READ COMMENTS (7) 2019.10.30 @ 18:13 CDT by CerealQueen

Theories: Overcoming Barriers


Good evening, everybody! Hope you all had a great Thursday!Here is your one and only Theories update:

The last theory was: What is the origin of the Barrier Trio?
This time, we had two tiny tales on these beefy baddies that you can read below!

Remember, the password is: ness

This week's winner is... Lumanare!

Keep in mind, just participate (minimum length is a paragraph) and get this Giygas badge!

You can now check your progress here.

Check after the jump to read the winning theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

The Theory of the Week winner for the last prompt was Lumanare:

We know Lucas isn’t the bravest child of the Mother franchise, so with that in mind, and the fate of the world in his hands, I feel Mixolydia actually created the Barrier Trio to guard the needle, and at the same time, bring Lucas the courage he’d need to be able to face the Masked Man, Porky, and the entire Pigmask Army. Simply putting it, if Lucas can overcome this Trio with Duster, Kumatora, and Boney, who we can assume would tower over most of the heroes, he’ll feel he can take on pretty much anything the world’s gonna throw at him.

Congratulations on your win! You are now a prompt closer towards earning the ink-credible octobadge! Plus, congratulations to BryNX; this marks his 10th participation, meaning his badge is permanent! I'm...h...a...p...p...y...

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