I am the Storm


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Remember, the password is: ness
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Keep Moving Forward

Fanart Hello and welcome to the weekend! I hope I can spice it up a bit with another fanart update! Please enjoy~

If you'd like to submit fanart, please do so here or submit on the forums!

Remember, the password is: ness
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Never Farewell

Fanart Hello and welcome to another fanart update! It's lovely to see you all today! We've got a FotW and Artist Spotlight update for you today and we have several submissions were received from tumblr for you this weekend, so please, take a look and enjoy some fanart!

Mother and Child - Dershka

Today's winner of Fanart of the Week is Dershka! Though relatively new to the site, Dershka has certainly offered many amazing works. This is a delightful piece, capturing the motherly love the series is all about. Not only are the colors pleasant, but calming as well. A lovely piece of a precious moment. Enjoy your new badge, Dershka, and may it always keep you warm on cool winter nights! Well done!

Today, Artist's Spotlight is going to ashencitadel, and though it's been a number of years since she last graced the forums, I wanted to showcase her overlooked work. Not only has been contributed a number of amazing pieces to the site, but she won a contest collaborated by Vans Shoes & Jone's Soda with a pair of EB shoes! Check out her work, it's definitely worth taking a look at!

If you'd like to submit fanart, please do so here or submit on the forums!

Remember, the password is: ness
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Right Back at Ya!

Fanart Hello and welcome to a brand new week! We have quite a stockpile of fanart to get through, so I've decided to have weekend updates in addition to the Wednesday ones for a bit. They've been in the queue for long enough!

So please, sit back and let's look at some fan goodness!

If you'd like to submit fanart, please do so here or submit on the forums!

Remember, the password is: ness
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Theories: Whoa...Trippy...


Hello and welcome to March! Today, we're going to be taking a look at an the fantastic submissions for Theory of the Month, so please consider joining us!

If you recall, last month's theory was: How did a simple piece of Magic Cake cause Ness' consciousness to transport to Dalaam where he watches as Poo completes his Mu training?
There were some fantastic responses and you can see those below!
Remember, the password is: ness

This week's winner is N P!

Remember, participate 10 times and get this Giygas badge!

You can now check your progress here.

Check after the jump to read N P's awesome theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

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Fanart Hello and good day!
Allow me to help you get through the long week with another batch of fanart, courtesy of the many talented artists that grace these forums!

Fanart will be updated weekly, every Wednesday and at least half of the art featured each update will be recent submissions and should a lot of new pieces be turned in, we may update more than once a week, it will just vary.

For now, please enjoy these pieces and we'll see you next week!

If you'd like to submit fanart, please do so here or submit on the forums!

Remember, the password is: ness
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Monday Morning Madness

Fanfiction Hello there!
It's an early morning update, but let's start the weekdays right with a fanfiction update!

But wait! When's the last time there's been a regular ol' fanfiction update?
It's been a long while, but with the new archive out, there's never been a better time to go back and feature all the fanfics that have come our way! Once your work is featured on the front page, it will also be added to the archive. Old theories and Monthly Prompt Post entries may also get another chance on the front page, so keep an eye out!

Unlike fanart, however, fanfictions may not get an update every week, but once a month, though that is subject to change based on the number of submissions we receive. Also keep in mind, only Mother-series or fanworks will be added to the archive.

Anyways, I've talked enough! Please take a look at the variety of fanfictions we have today and please consider submitting!

The archive password is: ness

Thank you all for submitting!

If you'd like to submit a fanfic, please do so here or submit on the forums!
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The King is Coming

STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (3) 2018.02.24 @ 16:49 CST by CerealQueen

The Beginning of it All

Fanart Hello there, Starmen!
Today, I am very excited to talk about something we’re showing you today. Last week, I announced there would be weekly fanworks updates much like this, but today, we’re showing you our new archive system! It’s no surprise the old system is a bit outdated and has been abandoned for several years, so we’re going try something different! You can find it here and the password is: ness
More info can be found after the post!

For now, let’s look at some delightful Fanart!

A Bee I am… Not - PKviolets

What a pop of color and nice take on the beginning of what started it all. The shadowing helps show the details of depth and movement of the piece so the audience can almost jump right along with Ness. Thank you for your fun and vibrant submission and please do enjoy your well deserved badge!

If you'd like to submit fanart, please do so here or submit on the forums!
FANART | READ COMMENTS (5) 2018.02.21 @ 13:17 CST by CerealQueen

2018: Year of the Runaway Dog


It's 2018 and it is the year of the Runaway Dog! That's right, it is the return of the EarthBound Zodiac!! It's based on the Chinese Zodiac where a different animal represents each year and this year happens to be year of the dog. If you want to see which EarthBound animal represents you, just take a look here!
Have a great 2018, you doggos!

Which animal are you?
STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (10) 2018.02.16 @ 14:00 CST by CerealQueen

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