Project Ultimate Chimera: Sign-Ups are Live!


As of right now, sign-ups are back open! The lists are updated, so feel free to start claiming again!

The rules have been slightly modified, so be sure to give it a look! Also, be sure to keep me posted! To ensure things get done, if you take a job and don’t post any progress after two weeks, you will be PMed, asking to see progress. A week later, another PM will be sent out, and depending whether you’ve responded or how much progress you’ve made, you may be taken off the task. It’s nothing personal! If you are unable to do a task, do not claim it and take away that opportunity from someone else.

If you previously did work and have not been rewarded, shoot me a PM! Unfortunately, I did have to give some tasks away, but I am still happy to reward people for their efforts!

There has been great progress done on this project and I thank every person involved! There aren’t terribly many tasks left, though certain ones involve a lot of work! When we’ve made enough progress, I do hope to move on to the Smash Bros. games, but that’s going to be a bit in the future! For now, let’s get the Mother-series completed!

Remember, for any and all concerns or questions about this project, please PM me, CerealQueen!

Thank you all for your efforts! We really do appreciate it!

Check out the Project Ultimate Chimera board if you want to sign-up!

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Halloween Funfest '16 is a Go!


It's been a long year, but the Halloween Funfest is back! Are you excited, because I sure am? This spooktastic holiday event has been around since 1999 and it's personally one of my favorite site events. The Funfest board is going to go live on October 1st! Keep an eye out on the forums or on the front page for all the details, soon to come!

Also, this amazing banner was made by the talented logomancy!

Who is ready to spook their pants off?

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Theories - There's Always a Light in the Darkness


Let's make Monday a Funday and get a theories update up here, shall we?

The last theory was: What is the significance of the Hawk Eye to the Scaraban people?

There were only a few, but there were some great responses, but the Theory of the Week Winner is StarstorMew!

Remember, participate 10 times and get this Giygas badge!

(You can check your progress here!)

Check after the jump to read StarstorMew's awesome theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

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Fanworks Friday: Wanna See Something I've Never Seen Before


Hoo boy, it's been a long week, hasn't it?

This week's Fanart of the Week winner goes to radiostarkiller for their stunning drawing.

Though they have only posted on the forums a few times, radiostarkiller has posted some great work. Their art is so detailed and has great use of color. Not only are the aspects rich with variety making the piece very aesthetically pleasing, but each section from top to bottom brings a new depth to the picture. The way that the piece is broken into asymmetrical sections with the lightening bolt in the middle adds a great sense of dimension and really pulls out all the stops with light and dark emphasis for shading and bring attention to the visible highlights. The piece has fluidity and also sense of movement with the background and action of the main subject.

radiostarkiller, you did a great job and I am definitely looking forward to more work from you in the future! Enjoy your new badge, you have certainly earned it.

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

To see the Undertale Fanwork of the Week winner, check after the jump!

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Project Ultimate Chimera Revival

Site Info

Hey guys!

So, as most of you have probably realized by now, Project Ultimate Chimera has been stagnant for about a year now.

But you didn’t think it was dead, did you?

Well, I am happy to announce that starting today, PUC is alive and well once again! The previous team has become busy with affairs irl, so their time here was quite limited. However, there is nothing to fear, for I, CQ, am here!
Yes, I will be taking the reigns to this project from here on out, so any and all questions or concerns you may have concerning the project should be directed toward me.

My first order of business?
Compensate anyone for their work!

If you have submitted to PUC, please visit this thread. If you haven't but would like to contribute in the future, look for another update in the next couple weeks when sign-ups go up!

Project Ultimate Chimera is a great way to work with your fellow forumers, help the community/site, and earn awesome rewards, even rank and avatar rights!

If you have any questions or concerns, post them in the PUC board, down below, or PM CerealQueen!

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Happy Birthday, Undertale!


On September 15th, 2015, an indie role-playing game called Undertale was released on Steam and Humblebundle after a successful Kickstarter campaign some years earlier. Today, one year later, that game has exploded into a cult phenomenon like no other- a fitting fate for a game that is itself so unique. Not every game lets the player spare enemies in lieu of killing them, or date a skeleton or stack hot dogs on the player's head. Not every game is built with the same evident love and care as Undertale, and not every game has the power to touch as many lives as this game has.

It has been one year since the game’s release, and Undertale has sold over one million copies, been met with wild critical acclaim and received a host of prestigious awards. Undertale sprouted with it a community pouring with creativity and love for the game, by way of fan music, fan art, fan fiction, and countless other expressions of fondness for the world of the game. Undertale, a game that began as a demo on these very forums in 2013, has become a gaming community landmark, and changed the face of the internet as we know it.

To Toby Fox, those of us here at would like to extend our fondest congratulations and best wishes. You will always have a home with us here, and you have our continued support in any future endeavors, whatever they may be.

To the members of the Undertale fan community who are reading this, we thank you for taking this journey with us for however long you have been here. We look forward to the days and years ahead.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this experience in any way. You helped make this past year as excellent as it was, and we look to the future with hope and determination. Help us make it a good one!

~~~ If you have any thoughts, please feel free to leave them below!

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Fangames and Programs Monthly Highlight - September Edition


In case you missed the last couple updates, every month we highlight a new game that is actively being developed at FG&P! TragicManner will be reaching out to game creators and asking them questions about their projects and then sharing with you all what I learned about the process behind their project, why they decided to start making their game, and more!

Often times there are questions about a project that don’t really fit into the conversation that goes on in a game’s thread. Hopefully the highlights will provide some insights into projects that simply wouldn’t happen elsewhere.

September's highlight is...

Almari, where to even begin! I've always really been drawn in by the visuals. There are so many games today that have such interesting, sometimes abstract visuals that really draw you in, and this game fits into that category perfectly. Just with really, really great abstract visuals around every single corner. Every screenshot I've seen makes me really curious about what Demon Claus has planned!
- TragicManner

To see the TragicManner's interview with Demon Claus, check after the jump!

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FFotM Winner - If You're Happy and You Know It...


Yo! Today marks the first Monday of the month, which could only mean... Fanfiction of the Month, of course!

I hope you're excited, because I sure am! I asked and you guys delivered some fantastic fanfics, Mother-related or otherwise. Keep at it, guys!

Every month, we go through the forum's Writing Board and on the first Monday, we will choose the story we think is most deserving of the award. Winners will receive this beauty.

To qualify, simply post any fanfictions relating to the Mother-series on the Writing Board. It can be poems, stories, whatever! All I ask is that you be sure to include a title! Even submissions to the Monthly Prompt Post will be looked at! Don't forget to proofread!

This month's winner is IcyAntoid with his "trap" prompt for Monthly Prompt Post.

This story focuses on Carpainter as he anxiously awaits for the arrival of the boy said to be apart of the chosen few. What he does not realize is that his mind is warped and his thoughts are being manipulated by a force greater than his own.
The story was well written and quite an enjoyable read. There is room for a sequel and I would certainly love another installment!

If you'd like to give the story a read, check here.

Congratulations, IcyAntoid! I really hope to continue seeing you around the Writing board! Enjoy your new badge!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to comment or simply drop me a line.

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Artist's Spotlight - Let's get a Cappuccino Sometime!


Am I the only one who just wants Halloween to get here? It's the first Saturday of the month, so that means Artist's Spotlight update!

This month's winner is Felisong!

Felisong has been on the forums for a few years now and occasionally leaves an art dump on the forums, but they're always a pleasure to see. Her style is colorful, diverse, and unique; she definitely makes familiar characters her own. I definitely look forward to her updates!

Congratulations, Felisong! Enjoy this new badge! You've earned it! I hope we continue to see your work on the forums!

Artist's spotlight updates the 1st Saturday of every month! Look forward to it!

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Theories - I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa


Happy Friday! Are you looking forward to the weekend?

If you recall, the last theory was: What are the full circumstances of Mr. Carpainter’s creation of the Happy Happyism cult?

There were some great responses, but the Theory of the Week Winner is Eggman199!

Remember, participate 10 times and get this Giygas badge!

(You can check your progress here!)

Check after the jump to read Eggman199's awesome theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

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